Sunset Adjustable Chin Strap - Black Neoprene - Large

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Sunset Adjustable Chin Strap - Black Neoprene - Large (CS003L)

For some, sleep therapy can become a rather problematic process. Between the mask, the air pumping through a machine into your system, and the tubing, you’re already dealing with a new set of equipment while trying to catch some z’s. On top of that, you’re expected to somehow keep the mask securely on your face? That seems impossible, no matter how tight you fit the mask. For some reason, the mask has a mind of its own, and decides to escape from your face each night. Well, here’s something that could help keep your mask from falling off.

The Sunset Adjustable Chin Strap is a great way to ensure that your mask stays where you place it before a night’s rest. Made of black neoprene, the chinstrap is a durable option that is oil, heat, and weather-resistant. It’s latex-free and it’s easy to fit, even for hard-to-fit patients! There are two straps: a thin and a thick. The thicker strap is not adjustable, and you attach it to itself at the back of your head. Then, take the thinner strap and attach on the top of the head. The chinstrap will secure the mask to your head. Essentially, it’s an extra layer of security for you and your mask to ensure that you’re sleeping well.

Not sure what size would fit you best? No worries, just measure from your chin to the top of your head to determine what size works best for you. In terms of care, the chin strap should be hand washed only, and lay it flat to dry. It is recommended that you wash it frequently, as the material will not wear out from washing. You’ll be on the right track to a good night’s sleep with the Sunsest Adjustable Chin Strap. You can say good-bye to the long nights of tossing and turning, and enjoy that full night’s sleep that you deserve.

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