Sunset Comfort Chinstrap - Black

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Sunset Comfort Chinstrap - Black (CS005)

You prepare yourself for a long, comfortable night’s slumber. You lay down, and find yourself slowly drifting off into sleep, just how you planned. You sleep peacefully for about an hour, when all of a sudden, you wake up, realizing that your CPAP mask must have fallen off when you switched positions. Then, after putting your mask back on, you repeat this cycle. You slowly fall asleep again, and before you can successfully complete a REM cycle, you are woken up, mask-less and more frustrated than the time before. It’s a never-ending cycle, you think. Well, we are here to tell you that you need not to worry! We understand your frustration, and we have a product that will help you to get through a full night without waking up.

The Sunset Comfort Chinstrap is a product that will help keep that mask right where you want it. There is one size available, and that size fits most patients. This latex-free chinstrap is easy to use and comfortable to wear. The chinstrap attaches to itself on top of your head, like most chinstraps. But, here’s the kicker: It has a soft cloth chin cup that maintains the tight fit that you need while giving you that comfort that you need. Care instructions are simple: it is a hand wash only item, and to dry, just lay flat. It is recommended that you wash the chinstrap fairly often, as it will be attached to your face each night when you sleep.

Next time you wake up every hour because your mask isn’t fastening securely to your head, think about getting the Sunset Comfort Comfort Chinstrap; it will save you the frustration that you’re experiencing now, and it will allow you to experience a full night’s sleep the way one should.

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