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Deluxe Chin Strap

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Deluxe Chin Strap (302425)

Do you need a CPAP chinstrap? Many sleep apnea patients have found that CPAP chinstraps can be beneficial in keeping their mouths closed, without the restriction that some people feel with full-face masks. If you are an open-mouth breather, you may encounter several obstacles to getting effective CPAP treatment. An open mouth may prevent your CPAP from properly adhering to your face, or may allow the CPAP therapy air to escape.

Philips Respironics has designed the Deluxe Chinstrap to give you a fit that’s classic and completely secure. The Chinstrap includes a wide strap, which crosses under the chin and closes with heavy-duty Velcro, and a stability strap, which connects to the wide strap and faces to the back of the head. Both straps are endlessly adjustable to give you the custom fit you need. The material keeps your mouth gently shut during the night, keeping your treatment on track and reducing nasal and mouth dryness in the morning. Although the chinstrap contours snugly to your face, there is no need to worry about squeezing, pinching, or red marks that can form with cup-style masks or short, thick straps. The straps are a cinch to take on and off, and easy to clean and care for. Simply handwash them in your household detergent. The Deluxe Chinstrap offers a simple solution to open-mouth breathers who still want as much comfort as possible in their treatment.

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