Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions

At BE , patients’ comfort is a top priority to us. The CPAP industry has done an amazing job at helping patients become more and more compliant and successful with their therapy by developing products to increase their comfort. CPAP mask cleaning wipes, concentrated solutions, and travel wipes are a simple way to help patients increase the care and cleaning of their mask.

Patients sometimes are faced with nasal or facial irritation. Often nasal irritation is decreased by trying one of our comfort solutions such as CPAP moisture therapy lotion. If a patient is feeling irritated by the mask, we have many products to alleviate their discomfort. Remzees are a soft cloth that protects the face as a barrier from the mask. Other products are the gecko nasal pads which protects the bridge of the nose, reduce nasal soreness and mask leaks. Resmed offers soft wraps for the Swift FX silicone headgear which is a cloth padding that reduces redmarks and reduces swelling if the mask headgear is very tight.

Full Face mask patients have enjoyed an even more peaceful night sleep when they are resting on a CPAP max pillow. This amazing pillow has a hollowed contour that cradles the patients’ head when they are sleeping with their mask at night.

The Snuggle hose is another comfort product that helps reduce rainout from humidification. The Snuggle hose also mask the hose from looking like a medical product as it comes in an attractive blue or gray cover. The hose also increases sound sleep as it cushions the skin from the hose thus lessening and interruptions.

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