ResMed Mirage Kidsta Nasal CPAP Mask System

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ResMed Mirage Kidsta Nasal CPAP Mask System (61010)

ResMed knows just how much you value effective CPAP care for your child. The Mirage Kidsta Nasal Mask System will help make the crossover into CPAP therapy go as smoothly and positively as possible.

For sleep apnea patients who are new to CPAP therapy, even adults can have trouble finding the right mask that best suits their needs. For children and adolescents, the search process can be double the hassle and frustration. Standard masks are often not equipped to focus on the specific concerns that children and adolescents have when they start CPAP treatment.

Finally, the Mirage Kidsta Nasal Mask System, manufactured by ResMed, is built to be 100 percent child-friendly, and even offers a viable option for fine-featured adults. As a company with innovation as one of its core values, it’s no surprise that ResMed created the first mask approved by the FDA for treating pediatric patients with sleep apnea. The Mirage Kidsta is suitable for children seven years of age and older, and guarantees a performance that ranks just as highly in quality as ResMed’s standard adult CPAP masks.


  • Child-Friendly Frame
  • Double-Padded Seal
  • Set-And-Forget Headgear
  • Meet Oko in ResMed’s Fun Instruction Booklet

Child-Friendly Frame

The frame is designed to weigh less than competitor masks, taking off the pressure that might sit uncomfortably on young faces. The mask covers as little facial area as possible, so as not to restrict your child’s vision. In order to make the mask accessible to young patients, all pieces clip on and off the frame, and are convenient for small hands. This function also makes the mask a cinch to clean and maintain.

Double-Padded Seal

The Kidsta also draws on the dual-cushion system popular with other masks in the ResMed Mirage line of equipment. These silicone cushions provide extra padding to small noses and establish a stable seal that stays in one place throughout the night. Replacement cushions are available for purchase should you wish to extend the life of the mask.

Set-And-Forget Headgear

The mask includes durable headgear that features Set-And-Forget technology that allows you to remove and reattach headgear without worrying about upsetting the adjustments you made previously.

Meet Oko in ResMed’s Fun Instruction Booklet

Finding a mask that properly fits your child or adolescent is a sure step towards improving his or her health, but transitioning to CPAP therapy can still be challenging for both parents and children. The Kidsta comes packaged with a booklet meant to guide you as you explore the ins and outs of CPAP therapy. Your child will love the ResMed mascot, Oko, who explains the basics of sleep apnea and CPAP treatment in a friendly, approachable manner.

This Product Includes…

  • Mask
  • Headgear
  • Instruction Booklet
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