ResMed AirFit P10 CPAP Mask Nasal Pillows Complete System

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ResMed AirFit P10 CPAP Mask Nasal Pillows Complete System (62900)

ResMed has put itself on the map by offering customers the highest quality CPAP equipment for years. The latest product is no exception, and that’s why it’s no surprise that it even won a Red Dot award for excellent product design. The AirFit P10 with Headgear is simply the lightest and the quietest nasal pillows mask on the market today. Signature craftsmanship meets visionary technology in features like the clip-less, Velcro-less headgear and the QuietAir ventilation system.


  • Award-Winning Design
  • Pliable Nasal Pillows
  • QuickFit Headgear for Effortless Adjustment
  • QuietAir Mesh Diffuser

Award-Winning Design

The award-winning design of the AirFit P10 rests on the premise that true elegance lies in simplicity. The fluid, contoured lines of the AirFit’s frame offer users an unobstructed view and the ability to move without fear of dislodging the mask. ResMed has outdone itself in constructing the AirFit P10, which is 50% lighter than ResMed’s last nasal pillows mask. This company never stops striving for the most advanced CPAP equipment possible. Are you ready for a night of premium sleep? Go ahead, nod an enthusiastic yes; the AirFit P10 will remain firmly positioned.

Pliable Nasal Pillows

The AirFit P10’s plush nasal pillows let your nose sink into comfort, even as the mask delivers a constant stream of air. The pillows conform to a wide range of facial shapes and sizes, and are available in Small, Medium, and Large. It can sometimes be tricky to align the pillows correctly to get the optimum seal strength, so ResMed marked the size clearly on the pillows, as well as “R” and “L” for additional guidance. Although the comfort they provide may seem extravagant, these pillows are anything but fussy. Sprawl out on your stomach or alternate between different sides of the bed during the night; you won’t have to worry about disturbing the flexible seal. The pillow unclips from the frame at the top and bottom for easy removal and reconnection.

QuickFit Headgear for Effortless Adjustment

CPAP-users can rejoice at the new QuickFit headgear that comes with the AirFit P10. The straps feature a classic gray and blue fabric, but they lack any clunky clips or Velcro! How does the headgear attach and adjust? QuickFit elastic stretches to allow for a looser fit, and contracts to provide you with straps that fit more snugly. The headgear is easy to maneuver and provides the mask with an added layer of security.

QuietAir Mesh Diffuser

Not content to include just one brand new feature, ResMed redesigned its ventilation ports to blow out exhaust so quietly, you may not even believe your machine is running. QuietAir mesh covers the exhalation port with a thin, durable membrane that diffuses air through a multitude of small openings. The tight, interlaced pattern of the mesh quiets excess air like never before, turning a powerful solid airstream into a breeze that’s barely there. You certainly won’t have to worry about whistling or wheezing sounds keeping you and your bed partner up at night.

*The AiFit P10 Nasal Pillows Complete System includes the frame system with pillows and headgear, other items sold separately.



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