ResMed Mirage FX CPAP For Her Nasal Mask Complete System

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62109, 62128
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ResMed Mirage FX CPAP For Her Nasal Mask Complete System (62109, 62128)

Incorporating all the familiar, successful aspects of design from ResMed’s popular Mirage FX line of nasal maks, the Mirage FX For Her with Headgear includes the trademark light weight and pliable seal. The Mirage FX For Her shares a standard sized cushion and frame with the Mirage FX; however, it comes with pink headgear that is re-proportioned to fit feminine or slight-featured faces.


  • Feminine Frame with Easy-Release Hose
  • Spring Air Seal for a Full Night of Protection
  • Smaller-sized, Pink Headgear
  • Air Stream Diffuser in Circular Pattern

Feminine Frame with Easy-Release Hose

Female sleep apnea patients often encounter the exasperation that comes with trying on masks that don’t fit the petite and dimensions of their faces. That’s why ResMed customized its crowd-pleasing Mirage FX model to suit a woman’s physicality. Streamlined and sturdy, without being overwhelming, the frame establishes a solid base for the rest of the mask’s advanced therapy features. In addition, the Mirage FX For Her is perfectly portable, and even comes with a convenient carry bag for travel.Another exciting feature of the Mirage FX For Her’s construction is the hassle-free hose. Instead of clips that connect and disconnect the hose from the central mask component, mask assembly just got even easier with the unique squeeze-tab elbow function. In order to attach or to release the hose from the rest of the mask, all you have to do is give the sides of the mask elbow a squeeze. This technology makes cleaning and maintaining your mask a cinch.

Spring Air Seal for a Full Night of Protection

Sleeping straight through the night may seem like a small achievement, but any CPAP user knows just how challenging it can be to accomplish this feat. The seal on the Mirage FX For Her conforms perfectly to petite nasal passages, giving you adequate coverage without engulfing your nose. Even if you tend to move around quite a bit as you settle into bed, this seal sticks to its promise, channeling therapy air to your nose without leaking or slackening during the night. Get your first full night of rest in years with the Mirage FX For Her, and you’ll never want to use another mask again. Besides accommodating a variety of sleep styles, the Mirage seal uses Spring Air technology to enclose your nose with gentle cushions against both walls of the silicone seal.

Smaller-sized, Pink Headgear

Butterfly-wing design keeps the rough silicone sections of the headgear off your face and makes sure that only the supple SoftEdge headgear touches your skin. The sweet shade of light pink adds a feminine twist to the standard gray hue of the headgear.

Air Stream Diffuser in Circular Pattern

Many CPAP patients grudgingly put up with the irritating sounds and breeze from exhalation vents, but the Mirage FX For Her’s exhaust system is often cited as one of users’ favorite features of the mask! Instead of exhaling onto your bed partner in one concentrated stream, the excess air exits the Mirage in a circular pattern, allowing for a softer, diffused ventilation experience. Now you can drift off in the peaceful bedroom environment of your pre-sleep-apnea days, and you don’t have to deal with a disgruntled partner in the morning.

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