Sunset CPAP Mask cleaning Wipes - Individual Wipes (12 wipes per box)

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Sunset CPAP Mask cleaning Wipes-12 Individual Wipes per box (CAP1005S)

The Sunset CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes are the perfect solution! The pack provides you with a set of twelve individually-wrapped disposable wipes that can easily clean all the tight corners and large surfaces of your CPAP or oxygen mask.

Now, cleaning your mask doesn’t need to take hours and hours. The wipes make cleaning quick and easy, a must in our fast-paced lives! Do not let your travels get in the way of cleaning your mask!

Whether you are traveling on a weekend-long business trip to New York City with a few colleagues, or vacationing with the family for three and a half weeks in Sicily, these wipes will provide you with an easy, travel-friendly cleaning solution. You can plan how many wipes to take with you, depending on how long you will be traveling.

The wipes are to be used one time, and are easy to pack. Each wipe comes in its own packet, which is ideal for one-time use. There are no difficult instructions for the Sunset CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes. Simply take the wipe out of its package, unfold it, and wipe all of the surfaces of the mask. Then, throw the wipe away. It is made of one hundred percent natural ingredients.

There are twelve individually wrapped wipes in each box. They are a great solution for traveling and for use at home, so be sure to stock up! If you are interested in the wipes, but prefer them not to be individually wrapped, you can also purchase a single pack with 62 wipes. Do not worry again about cleaning your mask on the go; the Sunset CPAP Mask Cleaning Wipes are your solution!

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