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Swift FX (61512)

The decision to begin CPAP therapy is often the first step for many patients in taking their lives back from sleep apnea. However, looking for a CPAP mask that meets your requirements can feel like taking two steps back. ResMed makes it possible for you to take a giant leap forward in your path to wellness with the Swift FX, a nasal pillows mask that fits like a dream but offers very real benefits to users. With a frame that blows other minimal masks out of the water, an integrated ventilation system and malleable cushions fit faces of all shapes and sizes, the Swift FX starts your CPAP journey out on the right foot.


  • Minimalism to the Max
  • Nasal Pillows Complement Every Sleep Style
  • Silent Nights for Better Mornings

Minimalism to the Max

While some frames are heavy on sturdy coverage and light on convenience, the Swift FX combines the best of both worlds and unites security with visibility. So minimal, you’ll hardly believe you’re wearing a mask, the Swift FX widens your range of vision to let you enjoy a late night talk show or the latest best-seller book before you turn in for the night. Even if your lifestyle takes you across the country on a regular basis, you can still receive premium CPAP therapy. The small size of the Swift FX makes it perfect for packing along with your luggage or stowing in the car.

Nasal Pillows Complement Every Sleep Style

Nasal pillows operate in a dual-cushion arrangement to give you full coverage and to support the seal from every angle. Nasal pillows can offer huge advantages for customers who have sensitive skin that is susceptible to chafing and irritation from other masks on the market. In contrast, nasal pillows lay comfortably against your nose to establish a strong seal without causing any harmful effects to your skin. Each cushion comes outfitted with a chamber on the bottom that moves with your body, making the Swift FX a great option for side sleepers. Pillows are available in Small, Medium and Large sizes, all of which complement the mask frame. An Extra Small pillow can be purchased separately. The seal holds up even for customers who need high therapy pressures, and is compatible with up to 20 cm of water pressure.

Silent Nights for Better Mornings

Your night of therapy should leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle whatever the next day throws at you, but sometimes, CPAP users wake up in the morning feeling drained and groggy. What went wrong? Unpleasant air vents can keep patients up half the night listening to whining and whistling noises. As if that weren’t bad enough, exhaust air streams may be concentrated in the direction of you or your bed partner, supplying a bracing gust of air where it isn’t wanted. You shouldn’t have to tolerate this. The Swift FX quickly takes care of these concerns with its smartly designed air vent, integrated smoothly into the mask’s frame. This exhalation port reaches only 25 decibels, ensuring it will never interrupt your sleep.

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  • S, M, L Nasal Pillows
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