ResMed Gecko Nasal Pad

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ResMed Gecko Nasal Pad (61911)

Sleep therapy isn’t always the most comfortable of experiences. Think about it. You’re expected to sleep exactly how you normally would, but with a mask attached to your face, a tube that restricts your ability to move freely in your sleep, and a machine that pumps air into your mask. On top of that, you wake up with leaks in your mask, irritation and redness from the mask, and on occasion, you experience nasal bridge soreness.

Well, we have something that can help alleviate some of those pesky side affects of sleep therapy and mask use. The Resmed Gecko Nasal Pad is a pad made of a gel material that will help relieve you from those mask leaks, irritation, and soreness. This latex-free, hypoallergenic pad is designed with you in mind. It is available for purchases in two sizes, small and large. It provides you with an extra layer of padding between the mask and the bridge of your nose, creating a more breathable space between your nose and the mask (pun intended). It’s simple and easy to use! Just wash the gel pad in warm water with a mild soap, pat dry, place the pad on the bridge of your nose and apply pressure to assure that it adheres to your face, and place the mask over the pad so that the top of the pad is visible. It’s that easy! Now, those small irritations that made therapy unbearable can become manageable with the Resmed Gecko Nasal Pad. Try one out today!

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