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Fisher and Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear

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400470A-400HC315, 400471A-400HC315, 400473A-400HC315
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  • Fisher and Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear
  • Fisher and Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear
  • Fisher and Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear

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Fisher and Paykel Forma Full Face Mask Headgear (400470A, 400471A, 400473A) & Forma Full Face Mask Headgear (400HC315)

Full-face masks prove to be an excellent option for sleep apnea patients who experience sinus irritation or congestion with nasal pillows and nasal masks. Unfortunately, some people run into issues with full-face masks that keep them from getting the treatment they need. In developing the latest mask in their FlexiFit line of products, Fisher & Paykel have taken these customer concerns into account. As an answer to these difficulties, the dependable CPAP brand did it again and created the advanced F & P Forma Full Face Mask with Headgear. This mask will take your CPAP therapy to the next level and tackle the obstacles that prevent you from getting your valuable rest.

Every aspect of the Forma is designed with customer concerns and preferences in mind. Instead of adapting your life around your CPAP routine, the F & P Forma Full Face Mask with Headgear lets you tailor your CPAP experience to fit your lifestyle.


  • Frame with Intelligent Flexi-Fit Design
  • Powerful Flexi-Foam Seal
  • Versatile Glider Strap System
  • Durable Headgear
  • Exhalation Port Diffuses Excess Air

Frame with Intelligent Flexi-Fit Design

The Forma uses the FlexiFit under-chin design that has been so celebrated within other masks products in the product line. While other full-face masks traditionally place the seal under your lower lip, the Forma seals underneath your chin for a fit that leaves you with less facial irritation and a greater sense of security. This intelligent design fits well over patients with beards and accommodates those who breathe though their mouths or shift their jaws at night. The T piece forehead support, a new addition to the Forma, gives the mask extra durability.

Powerful Flexi-Foam Seal

In some full-face masks, maintaining a satisfactory seal can be challenging and require drastic modifications to keep the mask from slipping around or to prevent air from escaping the area around your face. Instead of making adjustments to your mask that leave your face feeling squashed in half, the Forma focuses on delivering a powerful seal that lets you wear your mask at whichever level of pressure you choose. The airtight silicone seal pairs with a Flexifoam inner cushion that conforms to a range of facial structures.

Cushions are available in small, medium, large, and extra large, but no matter which size foam cushion you select, you can be sure it will work well with the one-size frame.

Versatile Glider Strap System

The Forma not only guards against leaks with its seal system, it guarantees you a broad range of movement with its Glider strap. The strap makes it possible to sleep through the night without the constant disruption of having to reposition your mask. Whether you prefer to flop into bed or snuggle onto your side after a long day, the Glider strap allows you freedom to move without upsetting the CPAP seal.

Durable Headgear

The Forma’s headgear is less bulky and easier to manage than that of competitor masks. The material is long-lasting, latex-free, and works in conjunction with the chin strap system to fully stabilize the mask. Are you sick of fixing the adjustments you make every time you remove the mask? The Easy Release cord makes it a breeze to take off your mask, and protects your adjustment preferences from use to use.

Exhalation Port Diffuses Excess Air

The Forma even takes care of excess air, by including a diffuser in the exhalation port. Say goodbye to annoying noise and air that blows all over the room, and say hello to a new state of serenity.

Forma Full Face Mask Headgear (400HC315)

Fisher & Paykel Full Face Mask Headgear was designed to ensure maximum comfort. This stretchable headgear allows for a more personalized fit to conform to the unique size and shape of your head. It includes an easy-release cord, clip, and Glider™ strap which work seamlessly together to ensure a comfortable fit. Designed to work with Forma Full Face Mask, this headgear delivers a better mask seal and high quality CPAP therapy.

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