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Fisher and Paykel FlexiFit 431 Full Face CPAP Mask - Without Headgear

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  • Fisher and Paykel FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask (400HC503)
  • Fisher and Paykel FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask (400HC503)

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Fisher and Paykel FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask (400HC503)

Full-face CPAP masks may be the best option for some sleep apnea patients, for the generous coverage and stability they provide. CPAP users who have developed or aggravated sinus issues or congestion from nasal masks may benefit from a full-face model, as may users who move their jaw during the night. The F & P FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask is the full-face mask you’ve been waiting to find out about. Manufactured by Fisher & Paykel, an established CPAP brand, this full-face mask actually manages to feel light and comfortable as you drift off to sleep.

This product is truly designed to eliminate all obstacles in the way of your valuable shut-eye. The Fisher and Paykel FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask lets you breathe the way you’ve dreamed about for years.


  • Unique Under-Chin Design
  • FlexiFit Seal Retains Pressure without Constriction
  • Air Diffuser Redirects Airflow

Unique Under-Chin Design

Are you hesitant to try a full face mask because of concerns about skin irritation? The bottom of many standard masks ends underneath the lower lip, which can rub the skin in the area until it’s raw, or exert pressure on your bottom teeth. Not so with the FlexiFit 431! Fisher & Paykel designed this mask to seal underneath your chin with a soft chin cushion, allowing greater freedom of movement for your jaw and less contact on your face.

Do you worry about disturbing the seal because you tend to open and close your mouth during the night? The unique under-chin structure of this product stabilizes the entire frame, keeping the entire mask secure during the night, even for those who shift their jaws or breathe through their mouths.

The chin’s Glider strap lets you turn from side to side without upsetting the seal. If you’re a restless sleeper, the freedom to turn your head in the night and relieve a stiff back or neck will feel like heaven, especially after any more constricting masks you may have used in the past.

FlexiFit Seal Retains Pressure without Constriction

Some patients who prefer high-pressure CPAP treatments have expressed frustration with seals that become loose or leaky when the pressure in their mask rises. Other full-face masks retain a seal only when customers adjust the mask to an unbearable level of tightness. Not only does this pressure squeeze your face, it can leave sores, impressions, and red marks across the bridge of your nose. Escape from the grip of too-tight masks that stifle you. The F & P FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask releases your face from undue pressure by maintaining a strong yet pleasant seal.

Air Diffuser Redirects Airflow

Have you ever tried a CPAP mask that fits great during the night, and then woken up in the morning to find an unhappy partner who has not slept a wink from all the noise? While exhalation vents can seriously disturb you or your partner’s sleep, the FlexiFit 431 rises to the challenge with its efficient air diffuser. Small holes in the mask direct airflow away from your partner, and diffuse the air to make it quieter.

This Product Includes…

  • Mask in Selected Size
  • 5 Additional Diffuser Filters
  • Small, Medium and Large Silicone Seals
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