Breas USB to Micro USB Cable

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Breas USB to Micro USB Cable (HD60-6300)

Breas has always sought to give its customers the best CPAP experience possible. When they introduced the Z1 CPAP line of machines, they revolutionized sleep apnea treatment with a powerful machine that can practically fit into your pocket. For many patients, the Z1 has provided liberation from typical CPAP systems that keep you stuck at home while you complete your therapy. Unlike the hefty frame of traditional devices, the Z1 CPAP system is built to accommodate the requirements of frequent travelers and those whose daily schedules keep them on the move.

In order to make the line of products even more adaptable, Breas has created a replacement part that will smoothly integrate into the machine you already own with no extra hassle. The USB to Micro USB Cable is a technologically advanced replacement cable for the Z1 USB cable. Breas knows that accidents are a natural part of life, and not everything always goes according to plan. That’s why they have made it remarkably simple to procure a replacement for an essential piece of equipment. In the event that your original Z1 USB cable becomes lost or damaged, you don’t have to worry about buying an entire new system online in order to get back on track.

The USB to Micro USB Cable is sold separately at an affordable price, that will keep your therapy functioning at an optimal level and will keep you from panicking. With the USB to Micro USB Cable, you are easily able to connect the Z1 CPAP to your computer. When you establish this connection, you can tap into a number of high-tech benefits, like updating your device and even analyzing your CPAP usage. The cable is designed with customized tips that allow users to download software and extract data. Convenience and efficiency have long been part of Breas philosophy, and have clearly been embodied in their CPAP products.

The USB to Micro USB Cable is no exception. You will love this product, which makes it possible to maintain your regular CPAP therapy when life catches you off guard.

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