Breas AC Adapter, 100-240 v

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Breas AC Adapter, 100-240 v (HD60-6010)

As much as we try to stay organized and on top of our games, it’s impossible for every detail in life to work out exactly the way we want it to. Unexpected events like accidental loss or damage are a natural occurrence, and sometimes even our most careful preparations fall through. If your power supply for your Z1 CPAP machine has become lost or damaged, stay calm. There is no need to stress out!

Breas, manufacturer of the popular Z1 CPAP line of products, has constructed an AC Adapter, 100-240V, specifically for this situation. You don’t have to worry about how many sleepless nights you will have to spend waiting before your CPAP machine’s power supply is up and running again. Since this part is also sold individually, you don’t need to spend massive amounts of money buying a whole new Z1 system online to replace just one part. This device is compatible with all Z1 Travel CPAP machines, which many sleep apnea patients love for their unique features that complement active lifestyles.

Streamlined, slim, and lightweight, this product is portable and easy to pack. The entire power supply weighs only 7 ounces, and will take up a small amount of space if you are storing it in your car or in a suitcase. Whether you find yourself on the road, in a hotel room for your work trip, or on a plane to Disneyworld for your family vacation, you won’t have to slow down because of clunky CPAP equipment. Even when you are traveling, this device has the capability to provide power to your CPAP machine with a voltage input range of 100V to 240V.

Included in the packaging for the AC Adapter 100-240V is a North American AC power cord, which plugs into available walls to supply power. Your CPAP therapy provides you the relief and peace you need for a restful sleep, and leaves you refreshed and re-charged for the next day. Thanks to the AC Adapter 100-240V, you can ensure that your CPAP machine also gets the power boost it needs to function optimally.

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