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Amara FFM Headgear

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Amara FFM Headgear (1090297)

The Amara Full Face Mask, developed by Philips Respironics features a compact frame that weighs less than competitor full face masks, and truly puts the freedom of choice in its customers hands, giving them the option of using either the traditional silicone cushion or the gel cushion. In the Amara Full Face Mask, streamlined design, sturdy support, and easy assembly and maintenance combine to give patients the ultimate CPAP experience.

Sleep apnea patients who already own this dynamic product will not be surprised to see that the mask has taken its trademark versatility to the next level by offering replacement headgear for purchase.

After prolonged periods of use, even the highest quality materials need to be replaced to maintain proper functioning. Have your straps become stretched out, lost, or damaged over the duration of consistent therapy? To extend the life of your Amara Mask, simply order the Amara Full Face CPAP Mask Headgear, available for purchase separately from the mask.

This headgear makes it easy to replace parts of the Amara without buying an entirely new mask online. This headgear comes in two sizes: Original and RS or Reduced Size. Both sizes of headgear are compatible with any size Amara mask, cushion, and frame you may already own.

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