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Philips Respironics Amara Full Face Mask Silicone With Headgear


Philips Respironics Amara Full Face Mask Silicone With Headgear

1090200, 1090201, 1090226, 1090227
0.25 LBS
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Product Description

Amara Mask Silicone With Headgear (1090200, 1090201, 1090226, 1090227)

Do you like to feel extra-secure when you undergo CPAP treatment, but don’t want to feel closed in by your mask? The Amara Mask Silicone, developed by Philips Respironics, is a great option for those seeking a full-face CPAP mask without the heft that usually comes with typical full-face models. A silicone cushion reinforces the seal for maximum protection during the night, while remaining lightweight and loose enough for any sleep position you prefer.

Product Features


  • Silicone Cushion Seals the Deal
  • Full-Face Coverage Plus Exceptional Lightness
  • Forehead Pad with Incremental Adjustment
  • Turn Down the Volume on Ventilation
  • Variety of Headgear Sizes

Silicone Cushion Seals the Deal

The silicone cushion of the Amara makes use of an integrated two-step cushion system for double the stability. The silicone seal is easy to operate and comes in four sizes for a more customized CPAP experience. While air fills an outer flap-like cushion, the inner layer adjusts against your face to situate itself at the optimal angle for premium treatment. This seal means business; you won’t have to worry about it flapping around your face or letting air escape during the night. If you want to try gel cushions, an alternative model of the Amara, the Amara Mask Gel and Headgear, is available for separate purchase.  If you want to save some money, you can try the Amara gel cushions with the Amara Mask Silicone since the frame accommodates both cushions.

Full-Face Coverage Plus Exceptional Lightness

One of the Amara’s most notable strengths is the sleekness it brings to the traditional full-face model. The frame of the mask is constructed to be much lighter than other standard full-face masks on the market, which makes sure your CPAP therapy never interferes with your time to relax. Need to freshen up your mask after use? No problem! The cushion is connected to a plastic shell, which means you don’t need to worry about clipping the cushion to the rest of the mask. The shell pops on and off to let you clean without hassle. If you are a CPAP-user with a petite face, you may have encountered difficulties trying to find a mask that doesn’t chafe and slide around your head. Proper fitting couldn’t be simpler with the Amara, which is available in both a Regular frame and a Reduced Size frame.

Forehead Pad with Incremental Adjustment

The Amara Mask Silicone somehow manages to cut down your lengthy fitting sessions and provides you with the fullest sense of security yet. How? Just check out the dynamic forehead support system and you’ll see why the Amara Mask Silicone stays two steps ahead of competitor masks. Not only does the forehead support supply you with cushy padding, you can fine-tune the angle of the pad by turning the adjustment dial along a number of notches.

Turn Down the Volume on Ventilation

You’ve learned to tune out a lot of things over the years, construction outside your office, criticism from your in-laws, and even that annoying bus passenger talking loudly on their cell phone.  Even so, a noisy ventilation unit under your face that hisses and expels air onto your chest and arms is pretty hard to ignore. Instead of tuning it out, why don’t you turn it down? The Amara Silicone Mask eliminates the annoyance by channeling air through a group of mini-exhalation vents. This technique guides air away from you and your bed partner, and takes the noise down to an inconspicuous level.

Variety of Headgear Sizes

Headgear for the Amara Mask Silicone is available in a range of sizes to cater to the varied appearances of individual customers. The Amara Petite and Small sizes included Reduced Size headgear, while Medium and Large Amara frames come with Standard headgear.

This Product Includes

•     Mask

•     Headgear

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