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Fisher and Paykel Zest Nasal Mask With Stretchgear Headgear

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  • F&P Zest  Nasal Mask With Stretchgear  Headgear
  • F&P Zest  Nasal Mask With Stretchgear  Headgear
  • F&P Zest  Nasal Mask With Stretchgear  Headgear

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Fisher and PaykelZest Nasal Mask With Stretchgear Headgear(440440A)

The F & P Zest Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear is one of Fisher & Paykel’s FlexiFit products, combining the familiar aspects of this trusted brand that you love with new and advanced technologies guaranteed to make your life easier. This small, lightweight frame will literally relieve you of the weight of cumbersome CPAP treatments. Advanced comfort meets advanced stability in this affordable product.

Whether a great night’s sleep has been eluding you for years or you have just started seeking out treatment for your sleep apnea, this nasal cushion mask is sure to address all your pressing CPAP needs.


  • FlexiFit Dual Cushion Seal
  • Glider Strap Provides Unrestrictive Stability
  • Stretchgear Headgear
  • Diffuser Softens and Silences Air

FlexiFit Dual Cushion Seal

Faulty, inadequate seals are one common issue that many CPAP users have reported over the years. Many people struggle to maintain a proper seal throughout the night as they move around naturally in their sleep. Waking up to a seal that has slipped off your face or is full of leaks is a constantly frustrating scenario. When the airflow isn’t reaching you, CPAP therapy becomes ineffective. The Zest’s FlexiFit feature works to eliminate those obstacles through its dynamic dual cushion system.

The Zest seals first with a comfortable foam inner layer that conforms to fit a broad range of facial structures. A silicone outer seal reinforces the attachment and prevents leaks from occurring. The seal detaches in one click, making cleaning the equipment a simple job.

Glider Strap Provides Unrestrictive Stability

If sleeping stiffly on your back all night doesn’t sound like your idea of a restful night, then the Zest Glider Strap is sure to appeal to you. The Glider Strap not only gives you the ability to move freely and switch sleep positions throughout the night, it plays a large role in maintaining the masks’s overall stability. A discreet strap release lets you remove the mask in one quick step without losing any adjustments you make to improve the fit.

Stretchgear Headgear

The Zest headgear system uses innovative Stretchgear technology to secure the mask. The elastic, latex-free material rests comfortably on your head without irritating the skin or squeezing too tightly.

Diffuser Softens and Silences Air

Do you wake up after a night of CPAP therapy to a grumpy parther who complains about air blowing on them the entire night? Are disturbing noises from your mask’s exhalation vent preventing you and your partner from a satisfactory night’s rest? Fisher & Paykel have listened to these concerns and installed a diffuser within the Zest exhalation port that softens, silences, and redirects the exhaled air stream away from your partner. The new sense of peace you enjoy at night will leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated for the day ahead.

This Product Includes…

  • Mask
  • Headgear
  • Cushion
  • Flexi Foam Cushion Insert
  • Exhalation Elbow with Tube Swivel
  • Forehead pad
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