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Eson Nasal Mask - Without Headgear

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Eson Nasal Mask (400HC572)


Too tight? Too loose? Too flimsy? Not enough flexibility? Too noisy? Trusted CPAP manufacturer Fisher & Paykel knows that finding a CPAP mask is no simple feat. Fortunately, the Fisher & Paykel Eson Nasal Mask is prepared to address all your comfort needs, and to alleviate the common struggles that arise for sleep apnea patients. If years of searching has left you disheartened and deprived of your valuable sleep, then it’s time to try the Fisher & Paykel Eson Nasal Mask. This product lets you live your life without worrying about leaking seals and constrictive facial straps getting in the way. This mask provides you high-quality treatment on your terms. You shouldn’t have to accept anything less.

This CPAP mask finally allows you to get the quality shut-eye you’ve been dreaming of. The Fisher & Paykel Eson Nasal Mask is one investment that will pay you back night after night. Maximum adjustability? Check! Minimal yet stable coverage? Check!

Fisher & Paykel has finally managed to combine effective treatment and unobtrusive design in one amazing mask that adapts to your lifestyle. The F & P Eson Nasal Mask truly transcends the standards set by competitor masks. Your search for CPAP comfort ends here.

Streamlined Frame

Fisher & Paykel holds comfort to the highest standards, in all aspects of its design. The slim stability of the F & P Eson Nasal Mask frame blows all other bulky frames out of the water. No need to wake up feeling like the weight of your CPAP mask is crushing you.

Secure Seal with RollFit Technology

Are you sick of trying to keep perfectly still to preserve your seal, only to wake up in the morning with a sore neck? Let go of your worries about slippage or leaking, the seal even stays in place while you roll over or sleep on your side. RollFit technology takes the pressure off, rolling smoothly over the bridge of your nose. An innovative ball-and-socket elbow provides flexibility and allows you to sleep in whatever position you choose

Minimal coverage allows you to fall asleep watching your favorite television program or unwind before bed by reading a good book. This mask makes sure your bedtime routine goes smoothly, instead of adding complications. Intrepid travelers need not worry either; the nosepiece cover lets you bring your treatment along to your upcoming business convention or that family trip you’ve been looking forward to.

No sleep apnea patient is the same, so there’s no reason that every patient’s should be. Cushions in small, medium, and large sizes are available with the F & P Eson Nasal Mask, and allow customers to tailor the mask to fit their specific preferences.

Q Cover for Peaceful Exhalation

Does your partner complain that air from your mask makes too much noise or blows on them constantly during the night? The foam Q Cover, which diffuses air from the mask exhalation port, may just be the answer you both have been looking for. This small piece of equipment makes a big difference in reducing sound and excess air.

This Product Includes…

  • Mask in Selected Size
  • 5 Additional Diffuser Filters
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