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CPAPmax Pillow (CAP4003)

Do you find yourself waking up with a stiff neck? Are you a side sleeper? Have you been shifting in your sleep, or experienced mask leaking or facial discomfort? While many people blame their mask for these problems, there’s a chance that something else getting in the way of a comfortable full night sleep that you need: your pillow. How is it that something that’s never caused any problems is now hindering your sleep? Well, traditional pillows aren’t made to accommodate a mask, and therefore interfere with the performance of the mask.

Now, we have a solution that will help prevent leaking while still giving you the comfort you need! Gone are the days of tossing and turning, peeling the mask off your face out of frustration, and waking up in pain. You need is the CPAPmax pillow by Contour! This pillow is created with YOU in mind. Its memory foam body provides you with extra comfort, and the shape of the pillow allows for the mask and tubing to rest in their natural positions, which in turn reduces the number of leaks from the mask, as well as the pressure that you can feel from the mask. What’s even better is there is an option to change the size of the pillow. That’s right, this pillow has a 2-in-1 size that you can adjust, depending on if you like your pillow to be a regular size or an extra thick size. It’s the best of both worlds!

Now for a little bit more about the construction of the pillow. There are several elements of the pillow that were designed with you in mind! The pillow consists of a few different layers. On one side the outside is made of Fiberfill, the material that surrounds many memory foam pillows, there is a support layer made of HR foam, memory foam that reduces heat and perspiration, and a perforated foam that allows cool air to flow through the pillow. On the other side there is a Cool-tech 3-D mesh cover. In the middle of the pillow is the center layer which is easily removable for thickness adjustments.

For a comfortable sleep, be sure to check out the CPAPmax pillow. Its excellent support and ability to adjust to your mask is the perfect solution for waking up feeling refreshed!

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