ClimatelineAir CPAP Tubing

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ClimatelineAir CPAP Tubing (37296)

If you haven’t yet heard of ResMed’s AirSense 10 line of CPAP machines, then prepare to be impressed. These machines not only deliver the high-quality CPAP experience that patients have learned to expect from ResMed, they take treatment to the next level with wireless technology that allows you to manage your machine’s settings and functioning with a cloud-based AirView system. In order to make your CPAP experience even less complicated, AirSense 10 machines include a built-in HumidAir heated humidifier.

Now, ResMed has taken their commitment to comfort a step further and introduced ClimateLineAir heated tubing to direct a stream of warm, moist air right to your CPAP mask. Heated humidification can ease symptoms like nasal or throat irritation that may develop from extended CPAP treatment. Thanks to ClimateLine Air tubing, humidified relief has never been easier to implement.

The AirSense 10 machines are constructed with sensors that monitor the temperature and humidity levels in the mask, as well conditions in the room, to provide the ideal temperature and humidity in the tube. The tubing’s slim design stands out from more cumbersome models on the market, and even connects to the CPAP machine by way of a rotating swivel to provide increased flexibility during the night. Minimal effort is required to clean and maintain the ClimateLineAir Tubing, but the rewards of relaxing humidity will pay off in your CPAP experience.

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