AirFit F10 Full Face Mask Kit - NO RX REQUIRED

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63162-999, 63160, 63161, 63162, 63163, 63164, 63165, 63166
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AirFit F10 Full Face Mask Kit (63162-999, 63160, 63161, 63163) & Headgear (63164, 63165, 63166)

Just like your favorite pair of shoes, the AirFit F10 Full Face Mask is all about the fit. Established CPAP manufacturer ResMed knows that, also like your favorite jeans, a good mask strikes the right balance between showing some skin and giving you the coverage you need to feel secure. When you take into account the AirFit F10’s ingenious design, Spring Air seal cushion, and circular exhalation ports, the AirFit F10 is guaranteed to become one of your new favorite products.


  • More Space for Your Face
  • Spring Air Cushion Strikes the Right Balance
  • Say No to Noisy Interruptions

More Space for Your Face

Full-face CPAP masks can be immensely beneficial for those who have sinus issues or who have trouble keeping their jaw closed at night. Even so, there are those who find traditional full-face masks too cramped and claustrophobic to use every night. The AirFit F10 was created specifically to address these problems. Made without a forehead support, this product gives you more space to view the world around you and a sensation of freedom. Kick back, relax, and turn on the TV, no bulky mask frame will block your way. Comprised of only three parts, the mask is also easy to set up and to clean.

Spring Air Cushion Strikes the Right Balance

Have you been disappointed in the past by CPAP masks that contain cushions that collapse too easily or that push too firmly on your nose? The good news is that a happy medium exists between an overly squishy cushion and one that is too rigid for your face, and the AirFit F10 has perfected it. The Spring Air technology that ResMed has made so popular consists of an auto-inflating outer wall and a gently-padded inner wall. This seal affords you an astonishing range of motion during the night, all while holding fast to your nose. Patients who prefer sleeping on their sides or backs will love this mask. There’s no need to worry about waking up in the morning with dents and red lines all over your face though, the seal is comfortable and never constricting. To ensure that your seal continues to fit snugly, you can order a new replacement AirFit F10 cushion separately.

Say No to Noisy Interruptions

There are many situations in which interruptions are unwelcome: weddings, eulogies, opera performances, and, of course, your night of sleep. Unfortunately, there are those who didn’t get the memo, like the ventilation port on your CPAP mask, which can burst into noisy wheezing and humming at inappropriate times, like right before you fall asleep. The AirFit F10 keeps ventilation noise in check with its exhalation outlets, located on the mask’s elbow. The special circular pattern of holes expels air in different directions, diminishing the force and loudness of air.

This Product Includes…

• Mask

Resmed AirFit F10 Headgear (63164, 63165, 63166)

The Resmed AirFit F10 Headgear is a lightweight option that provides surprisingly reliable performance. This model features two sets of adjustable straps that make fitting the CPAP mask simple. In addition, the design of the headgear minimizes contact with the face for a more comfortable fit. For CPAP therapy patients that want to get the most from their treatments, the Resmed Airfit F10 headgear is highly recommended.

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