SleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask Starter Kit - Blue or Tan

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SleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask Starter Kit - Blue or Tan (100782)

If you are a new client and are looking to start trying CPAP products, then the Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask may be the right choice for you! This product in particular is so consumer-friendly that it even includes a Quick Start Illustration Guide and Instructional DVD to help you get started. Do not worry about buying the appropriate parts to fit together; this kit provides an excellent start without the hassle.

All of these kits include a soft-cloth mask (either blue or tan option) that rests over a cushion. This cushion has three size options to choose from based on personal preference and comfort (small, regular, and large). Serving as an extra source of comfort, the cushion inflates when the mask is in use. The separation between the mask and the face helps prevent extra pressure around the face and jaw when the mask seals. Don’t let the name of this mask fool you. Although the mask covers the nose, the mask does not enter the nostrils. In fact, people who have used this mask report that they forget that they have it on in the middle of the night. This suggests very strongly that if you are a sensitive sleeper, this mask may have features that are worth investigating.

Curious to see how this will affect your sleeping partner? Well, you’re in luck! The state-of-the-art mask has exhalation holes at the bottom of the mask so as to reduce the excess noise, creating an opportunity for non-disruptive sleep for all individuals in the room. In addition to thoughtful design, the Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask Starter Kit includes extra parts to help secure the mask. For instance, an overhead tube tether strap may benefit a client who struggles to secure the headgear to the feather weight tube.

Sleepweaver Elan Nasal Mask Starter Kit truly ‘goes with the flow’ of your preferences and general lifestyle. If you tend to sleep on your side, let the tether strap help secure the tube! Traveling for business or pleasure was never made easier; simply fold your mask and the Elan Nasal Mask Starter Kit will help you on your journey to restful sleep.

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