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Breathe Easy CPAP

Philips Respironics Profile Lite CPAP Mask and Headgear (all sizes and models)

Contact us at 847-357-8782

Philips Respironics Profile Lite CPAP Mask and Headgear (all sizes and models)

Contact us at 847-357-8782
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Product Description


Product Features

You’ve got a lot going on in your day, and by the end of it, chances are you’re feeling pretty stiff and uncomfortable. Whether you’re on your feet waiting tables or stuck behind an office desk, your first impulse after work is often to kick off your heels or loosen your necktie. Your hectic schedule puts enough strain on you, why should you add to it with a CPAP mask that adds bulk and weight to your head and neck? The Profile Lite Mask and Headgear is a gel mask manufactured by Philips Respironics to put your therapy comfort above all else. Gel forehead pads and a gel nasal cushion will surround your nose with plush support, all while accommodating the needs of individual customers and providing treatment of the highest caliber.


  • Gel Cushion Conforms to Your Face
  • Seven Sizes and Pressure Port
  • Deluxe Headgear with Slim Straps
  • Appreciate the Quiet Moments

Gel Cushion Conforms to Your Face

The gel cushion on the Profile Lite uses a two-step system; the inner layer molds to the outline of your face and the outer cushion makes treatment feel luxurious with firm gel. The seal stays intact even if you prefer to sleep on your side or back, remaining springy and leak-resistant.

If you have tried out multiple masks with none of them fitting you quite right, then you will be astonished at the precision with which the Profile Lite is able to adapt to your individual face. Just follow the preparation process and get ready to be wowed. First, place the mask in boiling water for about four minutes. Dip in cold water for ten seconds, then position it over your face and press down. Like magic, the mask molds to your unique physical features, even conforming around facial hair. If that is not already incredibly impressive, the Profile Lite can be re-shaped to accommodate fluctuations in weight. Simply repeat the above procedure for equally effective results. This mask is as customizable as it gets, and the Boil-Fit technology eliminates the odds of slipping from too-loose masks or chafing from too-tight ones.

Seven Sizes and Pressure Port

The Profile Lite goes beyond even the personalized shaping process to provide you with access to seven different sizes, from Petite to Large. If you’re someone who finds yourself in between mask sizes when you usually try them on, you’re guaranteed to find the right degree of snugness with the wide selection offered by the Profile Lite. Other special features that Philips Respironics incorporated into the design of the Profile Lite include pressure ports that allow you to monitor therapy pressure during treatment, and flexible tubing that adapts to patient movement. With only four parts that make up this mask, you couldn’t have an easier time cleaning and maintaining the Profile Lite.

Deluxe Headgear with Slim Straps

The lightness in the Profile Lite is evident in the slim deluxe headgear, made with elastic straps that promote a fit that’s relaxed but never flimsy. At four adjustment points on the mask, you can tighten or loosen the straps to your personal preference without worrying about an unstable frame. The seal is so powerful, there’s no need for headgear that squeezes your face or leaves deep markings.

Appreciate the Quiet Moments

It may be true that some of the best moments in life are the noisiest, jamming out at a rock concert with your friends, the cheers of your classmates at graduation, or hearing the cries of your first child after he or she is born. However, it’s just as important to take time to appreciate the quieter times in our lives as well. Quieter is definitely better in the case of CPAP therapy. The Profile Lite mask ensures a base level of near-silent ventilation. Your mask will never operate at a sound level that disturbs the sleep of you or of your bed partner, providing you both with peaceful, uninterrupted nights.

This Product Includes

•       Mask
•       Deluxe Headgear

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