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Philips Respironics Comfort Gel Blue Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

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  • Philips Respironics Comfort Gel Blue Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear
  • Philips Respironics Comfort Gel Blue Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear
  • Philips Respironics Comfort Gel Blue Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

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ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask and Headgear (1081801)

At times, trying out a variety of new CPAP masks is like a round of speed dating. Even from the outset, if the two of you aren’t compatible, it’s clear it’s not going to work out. The ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask with Headgear, designed by Philips Respironics, aims to eliminate that sense of disappointment. The stability you expect from a full-face mask combines with supple blue gel cushions, which are formed with blue gel for an even more exact fit. The ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask with Headgear will finally give you a CPAP mask you can see a future with.


  • Pamper Your Nose With Plush Blue Gel
  • Gel Forehead Pad Protects and Stabalizes
  • Headgear with Ball-and-Socket Release
  • Monitor Your Pressure with System One Resistance Control
  • Exhalation Ports in Slanted Elbow

Pamper Your Nose with Plush Blue Gel

Ask not what your nose can do for you, but what you can do for you nose. The gel-filled cushions on the ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask with Headgear will pillow your nasal passages, limiting your chances of developing skin inflammation and irritation that can occur with other tighter or more rigid masks. Are you worried about your seal slipping off when you curl up onto your side or flip from your back to your stomach? An outer membrane flap closes off the cushion and seals completely around your nose and mouth, so that your seal moves with you. Two points of flexibility exist where the hose attaches to the frame, Has your cushion gotten worn-out or misplaced over the course of your therapy? There’s no need to drain your finances by purchasing an entirely new mask. The cushions for the ComfortGel Blue mask are available for separate purchase. Timely replacement of these components will let you get your money’s worth out of the ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask for a longer time.

Gel Forehead Pad Protects and Stabilizes

The forehead support is also made up of the same plush blue gel that is found in the mask cushion, ensuring that your forehead doesn’t have to miss out on supreme comfort. The pad has been enhanced to brace the mask against shifting movements during the night, and now includes a StabilitySelector function that pivots to adapt to your personal forehead shape.

Headgear with Ball-and-Socket Release

Stop twisting and turning yourself into a pretzel to maneuver your standard headgear, which can include complex hooks and cumbersome clips. The ball-and-socket design of the headgear for the ComfortGel Blue makes it a breeze to connect and disconnect the straps. It’s just as easy to adapt the straps to contour to your face by means of four different modification locations on the mask.

System One Resistance Control Syncs Treatment

The ComfortGel Blue with Headear comes integrated with System One Resistance Control, a function that oversees air pressure delivery to masks by taking the resistance characteristics of each type of mask into mind. An identification number is inscribed on the ComfortGel Blue, which the System One therapy device reads. Then, the device applies the proper amount of pressure. This cutting-edge system makes certain that sleep apnea patients will enjoy consistent and direct airflow throughout the night.

Refined Exhalation Valve

The exhalation valve on the ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask with Headgear is contained within an extendable elbow that affords you more control in regulating your airflow. The vent is actually comprised of a series of tiny holes that disperse air in different directions around the room, preventing air from ever blowing in a concentrated stream at your bed partner. You can also tilt the elbow to channel air over the top of your head or across your front in order to ensure that no unpleasant drafts disturb your valuable sleep.

This Product Includes…

  • Mask
  • Headgear
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