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F&P Oracle 452 Oral Interface


F&P Oracle 452 Oral Interface

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Product Description

Oracle 452 Oral Interface (HC452)

Product Features

Many sleep apnea patients who suffer from allergies, congestion, or breathe through their mouths opt to avoid nasal pillows or nasal masks, but full-face masks don’ t always work for everyone.  Some customers complain that full-face masks leak around the seal or must be adjusted to a painful degree of tightness in order to stay in place. If you have experienced an uncomfortable situation similar to this, it can be frustrating trying to find a mask that works for your unique needs. Fisher & Paykel have manufactured a mask that just might be the alternative you are looking for. The F & P Oracle 452 Oral Interface is an upgraded version of one of the first oral masks to hit the CPAP market, and is clinically proven to treat OSA. The mask emphasizes maximum effectiveness for minimum extra equipment, and delivers the CPAP airstream through the mouthpiece alone. If you are thinking about branching out from traditional nasal and full-face CPAP masks, give the F & P Oracle 452 Oral Interface a try; you are sure to be impressed with the results.


  • Adjustable Frame for Custom Fit
  • Comfortable SoftSeal Mouthpiece
  • Flexible Support System
  • Diffused Airstream

Adjustable Frame for Custom Fit

The design of the Oracle 452 involves less direct skin contact than full-face masks, and is great for users who desire a secure fit but feel claustrophobic in bulkier models. The Oracle is easy to maintain and to clean, and prevents irritating leaks from forming.

One new addition to the updated Oracle is the rotating adjustment dial, which allows for a custom fit tailored to your pressure and stability preferences

Comfortable SoftSeal Mouthpiece

The SoftSeal mouthpiece fits easily and comfortably within the mouth, complemented by the SnapFlap cover, which inserts directly into the mouthpiece to reinforce the mask. The mouthpiece is available in two sizes.

Flexible Support System

In keeping with the Oracle’s goals of simplicity and accessibility, one strap supports the entire mask while leaving plenty of room free for visibility and an unhindered night’s sleep.  The swivel hose, attached at the front of the mask, also rotates to enhance flexibility, enabling a wider range of sleep positions. The headgear, like all Fisher & Paykel headgear, is latex-free, and may be removed by means of a convenient Easy-Release mechanism.

Diffused Airstream

Do you love the air stream your CPAP machine delivers but feel less fond of the noise your mask makes as it blows exhaust? There’s no reason why your CPAP treatment should make it harder to sleep at night instead of easier. The Oracle’s Bias diffuser emits air through small holes and a powerful filter that reduce the noise and force of expelled air. Five filters come packaged with the mask.

This Product Includes…

  • Mask
  • Headgear
  • Nose Plugs
  • FlexiTube
  • Diffuser Filters - 5

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